How I got my job as a Product Design Manager at EtsyFeatured

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Thank you, Erin for sharing your story with us! If you have a good story to tell, or know someone who does, let us know via DM!
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Hi Erin! I love how from your own interview experience you've been able to improve the future interview experiences for the sake of the Etsy employees and team. I'm interested to hear more about how you handled finding out that you weren't actually applying for the senior role and how this miscommunication occurred, as well as how Etsy HR handled it. I'm sure this happens more often than we realize and I think discussing it in depth would be awesome.
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Hi! I actually didn't find out until I received the official offer, and I definitely had a conversation with the internal Etsy recruiter about it. The team here is really strong, and in retrospect, I was probably right on the border of what we consider to be a mid-level vs. senior designer. I've now seen hiring managers on the team have a conversation with candidates about this instead, to talk about specifically where they could grow to be considered senior.
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Thank you for sharing Erin. This was quite insightful. I am looking to transition into a PM role so this is right on time for me. I pulled out three areas to use as a game plan from part of your post "...pouring over metrics, connecting with other product teams, and obsessing about our long-term strategy".Do you have any more useful tips for digging into these 3 areas? How did you connect with other product teams?Did you already have access to metrics based on your UX role or was it something you had to figure out a way to get access to it? My role does not exactly give me access to metrics so I'm curious as to how I could work on that and what to do in terms of getting familiar with it. Also, when you pored over metrics, were you looking at specific things and how did you use the insights you got from the metrics?Finally, please give an example of how you obsessed over the company's long term strategy?Thank you!
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Thank you for sharing your story Erin. It’s great to hear how other women navigated compensation negotiation.
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It's important and there's not a lot of transparency about it. What worked for me was research, research, research!
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Thanks so much for sharing, Erin! You mentioned that your team at Etsy has since streamlined the interviewing process. I'm curious: What did you take out or reduce? What ended up not being as useful in evaluating candidates?
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We're always evolving to balance being thorough and efficient. I can't take credit to the changes to our process, but we did reduce the number of people in a portfolio review. We can get a good read with fewer perspectives.
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Makes sense! Thanks, Erin.
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Thanks for sharing - It is really nice to read an account that I can relate to. What was it like presenting a portfolio to so many people? What was the point of that? Also, what kind of script did you use to do the negotiations?
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It was a little intimidating, but I'm also fairly comfortable with speaking in front of a group. The rationale (which is also in the book Org Design for Design Orgs) was that everyone on individual interviews in the day gets the same context on the candidate's work. If you're interviewing, you don't have to talk over the same project or questions with each person, you can just dive into more specific topics. I kind of liked it, but it is an "expensive" meeting!I don't remember exactly what my script was like with comp negotiations. (It was over 4 years ago!) I remember having a lot of notes handy, but also, you don't always need to explain your number. It's okay to ask for something and listen/wait for a response. I tend to over-talk, so I think sometimes making a statement and waiting is more effective and portrays more confidence.