Big Bodacious Goals During Startup Waiting Spells?

I'm the founder of a learning solution platform for action-based skills. We've developed a novel interface and supportive software to help people learn tactile skills better, faster, and with greater motivation. We have an MVP and are in the process of trying to gain clientele and kick off pilots which is a slow and arduous process.

My question is: What are high-impact ways you've been productive and valuable while trying to generate sales and waiting for people to get back to you? We have a fairly robust outreach calendar that involves weekly newsletters and recurring social media posts. We've tried offering needs assessments to clients (not getting much there), improving how we communicate our product, etc. We love making incremental improvements but without client use and feedback it doesn't seem like the best use of our time.

We're happiest when we're creating value for others and are so eager to keep moving the needle forward. I'd love to know how you have taken the reigns and keep moving forward when things have been slow.

My best suggestion would be to create seminars or offer consulting in exchange for the product you are selling. Have you done things that 'don't scale'? Newsletters and social media posts are not things that don't scale. need to determine if there is real interest in your product because if nothing is happening it means you need to pivot.I am not technically in sales but I can see an issue with the language you are using to sell your product. First of all what are action-based skills? What is the problem you are trying to solve? Who is your audience? Whose problem are you solving? Why would I want to learn this? What is the value in what you are selling? Why should I give you my time for this? If you are using the words 'try' and 'waiting' this means whatever you are doing is not working so you need to figure out why it is.
I love feedback like this. Candid, actionable, and resourceful. Thank you, I’m going to look at the link you shared and give this thought.
I have a few months of experience attempting this fall 2023 and am a first-time founder, for context: I would consider:- reaching out to hubs of people (from a user research perspective: what are the niche demographics of the singular person you're focusing on? what kind of people or organizations are they drawn to?)- use the time to develop your website's search engine optimization (SEO, happy to walk you through it)- consider reaching out with charitable needs in mind (find a nonprofit that teach __this demographic/group__ life skills/how to cook, giving a workshop or talk at a local school)- explore other applications of your technology and launch rapid tests to see who respondsI hope this sparked some creativity and inspiration in you!Happy to chat if you'd like to brainstorm more.Best, Lisa