Introducing the Women Entrepreneurship Community!

Hi All,Introducing the Women Entrepreneurship Community here on Elpha! Im a Venture Capital Investor and Entrepreneur. Founded the first women in tech venture capital fund in Asia, investing across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Passionate about working with women led and women focused businesses and helping them scale and grow! Would love for this to be a community for women to talk about themselves and their amazing businesses and get connected with investors and fellow entrepreneurs. Would love for diversity and women focused investors to talk about themselves and talk about their focus areas of investment.I am personally looking at amazing early stage companies led by exceptional founders looking at healthcare, fintech, edtech and future of work!
Hi Ankita. It would be great to catch up with you on my business idea and get your opinion. Thanks
Thanks for starting this, Ankita! I just started working on my company to make mentorship for women more accessible. I'd love to chat more.