🙆‍♀️ Getting focused and building my future / looking for an amazing coach to help me!

Hi Elpha, I absolutely love this platform! I'm looking for a coach who works holistically. One that brings me to new questions and is super clear and Organized in communication, as well as pragmatic.

I am a very ambitious person, just turned 30. Working in HR in Germany. Started and worked as an actress in a Theater company. Entrepreneurial mindset.

I have started training in NLP as well. I'm looking for a coach who can help me Organize my life and business goals. Someone to help me lay out my plans and show me some ways to keep myself accountable.

feel free to ping me: [email protected]

does anyone have any recommendations or stories/experiences with coaches to share?

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

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Tagged our Asks and our Coaches community for you! Also, @annamiller @DianePrince in case they fit what you're looking for.
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Thanks @teresaman! @tiffanyanderjaska That's exciting to hear about everything you want to take on. I'd be happy to support you in organization and accountability. I'll send you a DM so we can chat and see if there's a fit.
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Thanks for the tag, @teresaman! @tiffanyanderjaska, let's talk! Feel free to book a time for a free coaching call here to see if I'd be the right fit for you https://calendly.com/dianeprincemalibu/45-minute-call-clone I see you're in Germany so tell me if you need times outside of my calendar -- I'm also around today (Sunday) if you'd like to hop on a Zoom. I look forward to talking to you -- don't tell anyone but my favorite clients are Elphas! 😉Diane
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Hello Gorgeous!I just reached out to you via email. I'd love to explore the possibility of helping you get organized on your life and business goals, laying out your plans a and holding you accountable for what you set out to achieve. Your entrepreneurial mind and your desire to work with someone who coaches holistically stood out to me. My expertise is in coaching holistically for entrepreneurial minds like you who are set out to make a difference in the world. The best next step is to schedule your free complimentary consultation and let's take it upwards from here. Here's the direct link to my calendar to book your session. https://calendly.com/coaching-live/discoverycallI look forward to speaking with you Tiffany.Let's go!Louise 💜P.S.: Here's a recent client success story that I'd love to share with you. “I initially decided to find a coach to get an answer to the question "What makes me happy?". Soon, I realized the answer to that question does not exist, at least I wouldn't find it with someone else. Louise has really shown me that through unraveling the layers, I could find the answers within me, resulting in feeling empowered about my decisions and thus, the destiny of my own life. In the year that I have worked with Louise, I have taken some of the boldest decisions in my life, whilst experiencing so much clarity about the direction I needed to go. Our sessions, and the time between them, are always full of reflection, action, and noticeable results. It seems daft, but it works having someone to keep you accountable for the choices you make yourself, in becoming happier, quicker. Thanks, Louise, you are my rock!” - Sarah de Groot, Founder & Development Director