Looking to Interview Women in Elpha

Hello everyone! My name is Kia Lor and I run a blog called; it's a community that helps women in their twenties navigate and teaches them how to better handle their finance and make better lifestyle and career choices.

I am working on a new series where I am looking to interview people to learn about their career trajectory and how they land the job they have right now. As someone who is still exploring her career options, learning about how others land their current job, what they do, and how much they make is very inspiring. I hear many of my peers express their frustration with not knowing what to do with their life, so I want to do something to help.

I am doing a call to ask you to lend me 30 minutes of your time for a quick phone/virtual interview. I also do paper interviews, too if you'd prefer. Please respond below if you're interested! Full transparency, I will ask you to provide me a range of how much you make, so if you're not comfortable sharing, that's OK, but if you would be willing to give me a range, that would be really helpful!

You don't need to have a "successful" story or be in your 20's to be interviewed. All I really want is authentic, real stories of how you got to where you are today.

I’ve had an extremely choppy career path plagued by mental illness and indecision but I feel pretty good about where I’ve wound up so far, though still not where I want to be, so drop me a DM if you’re interested in having a chat. Wouldn’t mind steering some young people away from the decades of self-torture I experienced before realising what I wanted 😂
Oh my gosh, yes that is perfect. Thank you so much for your time, Larissa. I will reach out to you soon to schedule a time that will work for both of us.
Happy to help, just DM me? I'm in Australia though, so not sure if it's useful.
Thank you, Keira. It's fine if you're outside the U.S because I'm sure your experience will still apply to me and a lot of other folks out there. I will connect with you shortly so looking forward to it!
Hi, I am happy to be interviewed. I think it is great that you have a resource to help women in their twenties. I will share with my eldest - she will be turning 20 in a years time. I wish I had this in my days.
Hey, Naijeria! That's the idea behind my blog, haha. I would love to connect with you, so I will reach out soon. Thanks for your time!
Hey @KiLo - Happy to help, just email me at [email protected] I'm in India though, so not sure if it works best for you.
Thank you so much, Akshara! Whether you're located inside or outside the U.S, it doesn't matter. I'm sure a large part of your story will apply to me and many others out there. I will connect with you shortly. 😊
Hi! I’d be happy to help out; below is the basic outline of my story, if that helps. Just DM me or email me at [email protected] and we can set up some time!I’m 36 and just starting out on my 3rd career reinvention. In my twenties I wanted to be a book editor; I started down that path at Penguin Random House, got blocked from progressing on it and pivoted into digital marketing, first within my industry (in books) then making a jump over to HBO where I stayed for 5 years. There I became well regarded working on our websites (chiefly and producing digital marketing campaigns for shows like Big Little Lies and Watchmen. I was also building skills in coaching and team facilitating, working on our culture committees and running workshops. Those skills combined with my experience changing industries and roles are the foundation of my new role: career development coaching. I help people (and teams) that feel stuck get the clarity they need to move forward. Sometimes it’s aligning values or breaking a big project down into doable steps, and sometimes it’s letting go of perfectionism to take action, sometimes it’s just naming the next best steps! It’s a fully new journey, so I’m not sure how successful it will be, but it’s teaching me loads that I can teach others every day :-)
Wow, looks like you're really all over. I'd love to delve more into your story, so I will reach out to you shortly. Thanks in advance, Meaghan!
Hey there! I just recently left my 20's (turned 30 this week) and love the initiative you're working on-it's so valuable. I've had a wildly varied career trajectory between research/ social development start-ups, happy to chat more if you think that would be of interest!
Congrats and happy birthday, Macauley! 😊 🎉🥳 . I'd love to connect with you to learn more about your career trajectory. I will reach out to you soon.
Hi, happy to help in whatever way. Here is my LinkedIn for more background: Feel free to DM!
Thanks so much for your time! I will reach out to you shortly. 😊
Hi! I'm in my 20s (24) and switched my career to software engineering from digital marketing, which I worked in from 19-22. I've had a pretty unique career trajectory, didn't go to university, got straight into work after leaving school, transitioned into tech via an apprenticeship - so would be super happy to talk to you about it! :)
Melissa sounds like you have a very unique story to tell indeed, and I'd love to learn more about it. Thanks for responding to the post; I will reach out to you shortly!
Thank you Kia, I just sent a response back to you! Looking forward to speaking.
Happy to help you @KiLo by sharing my career journey so far. Feel free to reach out to me on [email protected] to set up a time to talk. Looking forward to connecting with you.
It's like you're speaking to me — I'm also a person that loves human stories. For context, my career has done a very atypical route:- languages masters- PhD- moved to Abu Dhabi and worked as a journalist- moved back to London to work in tech- quit 3 jobs in the last 9 months due to toxic environments, imposter syndrome and just... burning out- now I'm freelancing and doing work that's meaningful for me!I don't know if my story is helpful, so let me know :)
Thanks for reaching out Camille. I will send you a DM shortly. :)
Salutations, @KiLo! I'd love to participate. Let me know what to do next, if you still need participants? Thank you :)
I still do, Lindsey! I will reach out to you shortly.
I'm still in my (late) twenties but would be happy to share my experience and some lessons I've learned so far :)
That sounds great, Meagan. I will connect with you soon. :)
Hi! I’m in my mid-20s and went into software engineering without a computer science degree. I would love to chat more so please DM me! 🙂
Thanks for responding to the post! I will DM you shortly.
Hi! I am in my late 20’s and have had somewhat of a meandering journey to where I am today. Happy to chat if you are still looking for help!
I still am, Monica. I will DM you shortly, thank you!
I’m happy to help as well. Not in my 20s anymore 🙃 but also went through the frustrations of figuring out ‘my path.’ I’m in NY so feel free to DM me !
And thGs totally fine. Happy to have you on board. I will DM you!
Hi, I would love to contribute. I'm in my early 40's, and I'm a Web Developer with 12 years of experience in Telecommunications. Please feel free to reach out if you want to chat.
Awesome, I will DM you, Michelle. 🙂
Hi Kia. I spent 30 years in the advertising industry and left in 2018 to become an entrepreneur. I am happy to talk about the career path in advertising and also launching your own business if that's interested. You can email me at [email protected] Best, Lynn
Will do Lynn, thanks!
Hi Kia, I am happy to contribute. Feel free to reach out.
Pratima, thanks for responding to the post. I will reach out to you shortly!
I’d love to help!
Great! I will connect with you soon.
Hi! Happy to help if you still need people to interview :) I’m 25 and just switched from a career in healthcare consulting to product design! (This week marks 4 weeks at the new job!) Prior, I graduated with an engineering degree from Purdue University :)
That's awesome to hear Leanna. I will reach out shortly.
I'm no longer in my twenties, but I'm happy to be interviewed :)
Thanks Allison. I will DM you shortly.
Love what you're working on! Happy to chat for 30 minutes, I've had three careers (oil and gas engineering as a contractor/junior in capital markets/entrepreneur startup). And I really want women in their 20s to know a few things about their finances: 1. Women are likely going to accrue less money over their lifetimes than men are - a lot less - and because of this, it's really important that we start thinking about retirement as early as possible, preferably in our 20s 2. Our salaries tend to peak in and around 40, whereas men's peak in and around 55... these are 15-20 prime income-generating years that we can't access so if we don't start early, it can be very challenging to catch up later. 3. Join your employer pension plan and make sure you're participating in any matching that they offer. None of these things is okay, yet none of these things are changing at a reasonable rate of change (according to McKinsey, it will be over 100 years for women and men to achieve income parity in corporations). So our best offense, is a solid defense. Understanding how our financial lives differ, and setting ourselves up for success in spite of having less, then if we are successful at breaking the mold and earning more, we will have that much more going for us. Best, Kristine
Love what you’re doing! After seeing this TED talk I came to the conclusion that having as much info in your 20s to do your best work sets you up much better later in life. Would love to share my story if you’re still looking for people to interview. Please reach out via
Hi Kia! This is a neat idea. I've gone down multiple career paths in my lifetime (masseuse, mental health counselor, catering and event planner, now ux design) which I never could have imagined when I was in my early 20s. Happy to chat!
Hi! What an amazing idea. I’m in my mid-20s working in tech in silicon valley and so happy to chat!
Here is my story and what I tell everyone who will listen :-) Happy to help if this is what you are looking for :
If you're still doing this, I'd be happy to help out! 😊
Hi, I'll be glad to help. I'm originally from Ukraine, but my career allows me to become a digital nomad and works with US and European companies. Probably, it'll be a useful experience.
This is great! If you're still looking, would be happy to participate. I had a strange path from pastry school to MIT to engineering to product management to founding a recruiting company, and I've had a lot of fun along the way :) Would be happy to share my learnings too!
I am happy to be interviewed. I’ve been remote since 2014. Last year I left my successful online company, because COVID made work not enjoyable. But I have transitioned to a new industry and am very happy to share.
Hi @KiLo - If you're still looking and I can be of assistance, I'm happy to make the time for a chat.BSc in Computer Science, Biology & Maths - hated the subjects...Planned on teaching and spent time as a nanny and childcare worker, but couldn't fulfil all the requirements here. Moved form nanny to IT manager, to mainframe systems programmer. After 24 years, reckon I have the best job in the world. Kind regards,Aileen
Will love to do this, lets connect soon
Hey @KiLo - i'd love to be part of this. since i'm living on the road full time, i can do paper interview with video or audio supplemental if you'd like :)i'm 31 and just resigned from my current position to take a bit of a break, however i'm very proud of where i'm from and how i got here professionally, so it'd be lovely to share that.
Hi Kia, would love to contribute. I was freelancing for almost ten years feeling stuck in my potential while I was searching for my career. I stumbled upon UX Design and every moment in my life previous to that discovery felt suddenly connected and meaningful despite how lost I had felt during all those years.I pursued UX head on and landed my first job in Feb 2020 and almost doubled my income with the next position/company I moved to where I am now.