Free 75-minute workshop: "Fear NOT - The Art of Networking for Introverts"

Networking has become an essential part of our life. Yet, as an introvert, the thought about networking can easily drain my energy.

However, as a career and leadership coach, networking is the backbond of building a successful business. Over the years, I learn how to show up with more ease and actually enjoy the process.

I'm excited to offer a FREE 75-minute workshop titled "Fear NOT - The Art of Networking for Introverts" on 5/14/2024 at 9:30am PST.Whether you're seeking a job, aiming to grow your business, or simply looking to enrich your life, mastering the art of networking is essential. If networking has always seemed daunting, this workshop is for you.

What you'll learn:

  • ✅ Finding Connections: Identify potential contacts who share your interests and goals.
  • ✅ Authentic Outreach: Discover ways that allow introverts to initiate and sustain conversations.
  • ✅ Energy Management: Maintain your energy during social interactions.
  • ✅ Deepening Relationships: Turn superficial connections into meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships. Expect these insights and more during our interactive Q&A session!

Who should attend:

This workshop is ideal for introverts who want to unblock their potential in networking with practical, relatable strategies to enhance their skills, suitable for both professional development and personal growth.

How to join?

Please REGISTER at to receive the zoom link.Looking forward to seeing you there!Love,Wen

thank you for sharing! i am sure this resonates with many today!
Thank you! @iynna I hope this will help some of my people :)