I will build your MVP (freelance web and/or mobile developer)

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Wow! So glad you posted this. Your work looks really good. I am looking for these services and back end support for my MVP to help us move quickly to beta and beyond and to implement new features quickly from our 2021 roadmap. I will be in touch soon. Happy Holidays!
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Amazing!! Can’t wait to hear what you’re working on :))I’ll lookout for your email
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Hi! Thanks for posting! I work with startup founders and will keep you in mind. In the meantime, one of my clients needs a UX Designer and I'd love your referrals!
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Hey! Shoot me an email or DM on here and lmk what your project is, and I’ll see if one of the designers I know is a good fit ;)
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@WalshCostigan is an amazing developer!
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Heyyy Iasha :))Merci beaucoup
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Walsh is honestly such an amazing person to work with and a rockstar developer! Can't recommend her enough!
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Una! Thank you soo much :))
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Hi @WalshCostigan your work is impressive. A friend of mine is building an amazing media startup and looking for something similar to kick off their MVP. Are you stil taking projects? I know this post is pretty old, so just checking.
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Hey! Sorry just seeing this. Always interested to hear new projects. Shoot me an email :)