Are you Overwhelmed or Firefighting? I can help [Free Executive Coaching + Market Research]

Hi Everyone! I'm a former start-up executive turned certified executive coach and I'm looking to connect with a few leaders and founders about their relationship with productivity, balance, time and goal setting.I am looking to connect with women who can relate to any of the following: 😕Want to start a but unsure of where to begin?😩Tired of ending up stuck in analysis paralysis, distractions, perfectionism, or procrastination?🤹🏼Juggling stakeholders, a board of directors, ambassadors, employees, clients, customers, funders, family and not sure who to please first?🏃🏻‍♀️Running around doing everyone else’s job?😭Over being a dumping ground for everyone else’s problems?🙁Would love to go beyond what’s right here, right now, and be future strategic and sustainable?I'm offering a free 30-minute strategy session (valued at $379) and free goal setting and time tracking resources to anyone that signs up. I will be going through a series of questions and coach you through one key pain point.You can learn more about my work and coaching here: me a DM or comment below if you are open to jumping on a call.Many thanks for taking the time!