Working Remotely from AMS?

Hi all! I posted this in the broader Elpha community board, but it was recommended I post something here, as I'm sure some of you have gone through a similar process and have some knowledge to share. Thanks in advance for any tips!I am moving to Amsterdam in January from SF (my boyfriend is Dutch and lives there), and I will continue to work for the small SF-based consultancy I've worked with for the last few years (!). I am trying to figure out how to manage my employment status and taxes...As I understand it, there are three options:1) Stay FTE as a CA resident, but that feels shady. I will also be getting insurance in the Netherlands through my BF (a Partnership Visa - also, anyone have experience with this?), so insurance, etc is not a concern.2) My company can set up a PEO in the Netherlands to pay me from there. This option is not realistic for my company.3) Become a 1099 and be paid as a contractor. This feels like the most realistic option. I'd need to figure out how taxes work in this situation, and what the pros/cons are to starting my own LLC and billing through there vs as an individual. Any tips? **I plan on speaking to an accountant, as well, but would love some initial direction or thoughts from all of you!
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Hi @teal - I recently moved to Amsterdam and set up a company in order to complete contracts from the UK. I found these articles helpful as a starting point:, if you haven't found one already, Broadstreet ( comes highly recommended for tax issues.Best of luck!