conscious business platforms | event hosts + product sales

hi loves! I wanted to share a couple of resources that came across to me.

event hosts - humanitix is a platform that gives it's fees back to children education funds. you can also become an affiliate + earn 5% of the fees back as an affiliate. I host a lot of events + this was a nice switch for me, so I'm sharing with others. I can also put you in touch with a concierge to see if it's a good match for you - that's another really rad thing about this platform. my referral link:

product sales - a friend of mine started a new platform similar to Etsy, but for conscious businesses. as of the time I'm writing this, they're not taking any commissions or fees (other than your membership of $20/month). you can shop by values + the shop owners give back to conscious causes. again, I can put you in touch with the founder if you're interested in talking with him or you can check out the platform directly. use my referral code of MMKQ for 25% off your membership or 10% off your purchase if you want to support the businesses on it! they have big plans + I think this is a great time to align with them.

what other resources do y'all know about?