Looking for a Freelance community manager with experience in building online communities from scratchhttps://www.sniftie.com

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I can help you out with it.Let's connect and talk about, hit me up at monisha@neurastats.com
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Hi @MonishaSurana, Thank you for your quick reply and for sharing your contact details. I will send you an email tonight to follow up on this.
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Hi Stephania, I like the idea of a network for digital artists, collectors and curators. I'd love to take part in such project. For the last year, I'm working as a part-time community manager, so definitely I can't call myself super experienced but I'm super enthuastic and excited about my new skill and would love to share knowledge and insights. Feel free to ping me.Have a great day!
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@mkotenko Thank you so much for your reply! I just sent you a Linkedin invite. Let's connect in there and schedule a call.
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Hey Stephanie! I'm working on a chrome extension that allows party purchasing of NFTs. I would love to connect to learn more about the work you do! Please let me know the best way to contact
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Hi Natalia, That sounds really interesting. Sure, Let's connect here https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephania-silva/