What are the signs that you should leave your current job (even without a backup job)?

This is such a tough one. I think the answer is that it's usually not a good idea to leave a job unless you have one, that being said, it depends on your situation. Do you have other gaps or periods of unemployment on your resume that might be a red flag? How is the job market looking for your field/specialty right now? It's easier to find a job when you have a job, but if your current job is making it impossible for you to look for a new one, I think that's a factor to consider. Basically, if your current employer is over-working you or impacting your mental health to the point where you can't look for a new job, you might want to consider leaving. You will get questions as to why you left your current role without another one lined up, so make sure you have an answer ready before you make a decision.
Hey @rona151, I don't have a solid answer as I'm in the same boat as you.I really want to leave my job right now but can't mainly because I have a family to support on top of bills to pay. But if I had no family and just bills, I'd quit my current job even if it means working a job at the grocery to pay the bills. And while that job pays the bills, I'll focus on mapping out my career, study what needs to be learned, and apply for jobs that will fit my background and passion. Hope that helps a little!
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Even though we don't know exactly what's going on to make you ask this question, I know it's likely something difficult - so I just want to say I see you and I'm proud of you for exploring your options. I find that posting a question like this is more important than any sign we can look for. The first thing that I would ask myself is: am I collecting data or permission?The more in-depth answer is that it really depends on your goals, current situation, options, and finances. This is something that I support clients with (both the internal and external logistics of a decision like this). If you want to chat more free to DM me.
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Hi @Rona151It's a really difficult feeling to deal with if you are unhappy in your job and I do hope you're coping okay! I personally struggled as I didn't want to appear "job hoppy" however, feelings I started looking out for to determine if it really was my job that was getting me down was: -How I felt when I woke up in the morning - do you feel refreshed and raring to go? Or do you dread waking up to go through the routine of work that day? - How productive did I feel? Do you actively volunteer to go the extra mile at work? Do you fill every hour of every working day with different activities for work? Do you feel connected to the company you work for? - How did I talk about work outside of the workplace to my peers? Do you moan and whinge, do you say things like "thinking of the money" or "a jobs a job". - I also started to make less of an effort with my appearance in the office, almost like I just didn't care anymore, which is VERY unlike me.Once I started tuning in to these things more, I realised my job was making me desperately unhappy. I started calling in sick for the littlest of things (something I have NEVER done before, I would work myself to the bone before calling in sick!), I would get the Sunday evening blues and often start panicking at the thought of work. It wasn't until a month ago, my partner and I sat down after a fresh bout of interviews and said, even if I was to be unsuccessful in these posts, I would hand in my notice. Although I would never recommend handing in your notice until you have a position lined up, however unbearable work may feel, sometimes your happiness and mental health just comes first. Even if you pick up some temp positions or pick up a "stop-gap" job (there's loads around at the minute without the work force to cover it!) you will be okay. I hope the above helps somewhat and you gain some clarity on your situation! DMs are always open if you are having a difficult time! X
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Hi @rona151, nice to meet you on here. Reading the comments on this thread, there are some great point already mentioned.I personally have done this multiple times and have only regretted not leaving sooner. Even though you might have bills and responsibilities, staying in a role/job that's making you unhappy is like digging yourself deeper into a ditch. So if you were in a ditch, would you throw more dirt on yourself or try to crawl out? My point is, create a plan to help you see the way out, like saving for a few months, applying for work and then quitting on a certain date, even if another job is guaranteed. Don't stay stuck! Wishing you the best!Happy to chat more on a short call if that can be helpful. https://calendly.com/createnewpaths/intr