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Good afternoon Elpha!

We've just started a podcast and, as our first guest is the co-founder of FemTech Labs, I thought this would be a good place to share it. It should be interesting to those just starting out in this field and wanting advice but also to the more experienced crowd who want to get to know another smart female founder a little better.

At The Intern, we take guests from the world of product, technology and entrepreneurship through their dream internship week. Learning new skills, exploring their passions and sneaking a peek at the inner workings of a new place each day. In this episode, Karina Vazirova takes us on a journey to a femtech bio lab, a Web3 DAO, the Hippodrome in London, a creative agency and to the coasts of the UK. There is lots to learn about FemTech, Web3, business and product strategy.

Hope you enjoy - and very happy to accept any comments or notes you might have.