Power your work with AI - Last minute Discount CODE just for Elphas!!

Hi Elphas,

So happy to share a very last minute oppportunity I negociated for our dear Elphas:

Mission Impact Academy has a 2-week Program starting tomorrow (Monday 4th) called: AI in Action.

With a focus on AI for productivity to power your work & break the fear around AI for women in business.

It is community-driven & cohort-based specifically designed for non-technical women eager to integrate AI into their daily work. This program equips you with essential AI knowledge and hands-on experience, preparing you for the changing workforce landscape.

Managed to get a very last minute discount code - 20% Off just for you, I'd be honored to have some of you wonderful ladies join us on this adventure!

Info about the Program & how to join:

Code: ELPHAS20


About Mission Impact Academy:

For women by women!

Mia is a global community reuniting over 1000 women in business from over 20 countries.

The platform offers free educational content & resources about AI as well as networking opportunities, workshops & educational Programs.

Don't hesitate to join the platform here to learn more about AI & use our resources for free.