Who are VCs or angel investors focused particularly on non-tech / female founders?

One of my top goals for 2022 is to find a VC partner or angel investor to bring my confidence/self-advocacy program to more non-tech / female founders. To get going with my research, who do you recommend I should look into?

I am not sure I understand the question. Are you looking to pivot your business from something program-based to a tech-focused product and you want an angel/VC to partner with you? If so in what regards?
Thanks for asking for clarification, @iynna, and sorry if I wasn't clear. I have a confidence coaching program and as I am already working with quite a number of female founders and they are getting great, tangible results, I would love for a VC/angel to partner with me to bring this program to the female founders they invest in – to compliment hard-skill focused advice and coaching. Does that make sense?
Hello - I think it depends a lot on the sector of the women you coach. I'd start with a specific sector first :)
As a confidence coach for non-technical women in tech, I'm already pretty niched down. The women I've worked with so far are all over tech, which works well because I don't coach them on industry-specific topics. So at this point, I'm really just looking into making a list of VCs and angels with a focus on non-tech female founders for my team to research more closely. :)
maybe look at venture crush FG or female founders collective. I'm a non-technical founder in the eyes of an investor but I do know what my domain and professional expertises are. Investors are going to want to know what traits the women in your community have so that they can tailor the conversation for instance - is their professional history as operators, marketing, strategy, finance? Are the all interested in ecomm? Investors usually define themselves by domain expertise (ecomm, fashion, health, fintech, etc) and that would be one way to go about narrowing down your research, the process is very manual.
Thanks, Sheila!
Hi Micha, There are several VCs I'm aware of that are focused on funding women...W Fund: Capital (women, POC & LGBTQ founders): Capital: & Walker Venture Fund: Draper's Halogen Ventures: Google search is a beautiful thing and will deliver tons more options! Try "top VCs investing in female founders" and you'll get lists upon lists for your team to research. Good Luck with your search!
Thank you, Lindsay, I appreciate it! And yes, Google produces tons of options – so many in fact that I didn't have a clue how to triage the list to be manageable. That's why I asked here :)
Totally understand, it can seem like a lot at the onset. Incubators and Accelerators might be a great option too! Like Y Combinator, Techstars, etc. There are some that are focused exclusively on women like Springboard. Here's a great list of accelerators focused on female founders:
Thank you so much! This is genius!