Have you ever heard of UNLIMITING beliefs? Here's why those are so important.

Today I feel a little #MondayMotivation is in order. :)

I bet your brain tells you a lot of negative things about yourself too, right? 

Those are limiting beliefs and we all have them – but we also have the opposite:


Too bad that we tend to bury those deep down!

But we can dig these out as well.

Often enough, they hide in plain sight – for instance as part of a limiting belief.


Let me give you an example:

One of my limiting beliefs around money is that creatives or generalists don't make as much money as specialists. 

Needless to say, I identify as both a creative and a generalist.

So I have two jobs to do here:

  • Work on overcoming my limiting belief that I cannot make as much money as a specialist.
  • Focus on the benefits offered by my UNLIMITING belief that I am a creative and a generalist.

And when I look at this second point, I realize that this is indeed a belief that serves me well.

I have, for instance, never suffered from writer's block because I believe so strongly that I am creative that I never doubt my ability to come up with something interesting.

And my strong belief that I am a generalist means that I pretty much expect to be able to pick up new skills rather quickly, and believing this helps me actually do it.

Sometimes you need to believe it to see it (see it come true, that is)!



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