Advice: Value Alignment Job Searching!

Hi All!

My name is Betsy Tanner and I am a connector who is passionate about elevating women in the workplace. I am strategic, have skills in analytics, finance and Project Management, and a relationship builder.

I was very inspired and quit a very stable job 2 months ago. I was seeking connection, mentorship from other women, and alignment with my goals to have my own company. I originally thought going into consulting would help me to learn the skills, and I realized that I was unfulfilled, lacking the support I needed (even though I VERY much tried to seek it out and that I was not learning what would help me work toward owning my own company. While I have been supporting my income through working as a sales contractor and starting my own side business off of the sales job, I would truly love to find a great job placement, I want to work hard. I am looking for a strong mentor who is building their own company and wants to build up a driven person.

My question is - What is your advice for finding this in a job posting? How do you know within a job posting if the environment will be a good fit for your values and alignment?

PS: Yes, I know Networking is essential and I am networking and am continuing to expand my network and rely on the relationships I have already built. Many of those relationships were at my old company so I am working on building new ones as well!

Advice would be much appreciated!