Want to expose a company for it's racist attitude to it's coloured employees

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Hey there, do you work at this company or are you hearing things from others? I ask because my suggestion would be to first, write an anonymous review on a company review platform such as Glassdoor. That may be where you’d have more eyes on your review for those that it would really affect, which are those interviewing. It’s up to you entirely if you want to share that sort of review here, but it’s more about what the impact is that you’re seeking. Does that make sense?
Hi VictoriaMC! I couldn't see my loved one suffering working at this company. It's a feeling of being unknowingly screwed and degraded compared to the white employees. The idea of being discriminated under the hood at a workplace is really bad. Especially when you see and speak to them they act nice and then screw you in the shadows. Glassdoor offers the anonymity with limitations. There are many cases where companies approach Glassdoor legally and the name of person is revealed. Later that poor man is facing charges for defamation. For employees to speak the truth of a company is hard, especially when the company has made them helpless. My intention is expose them, so coloured people like me think twice before joining. It is not a safe place if you are someone looking for a career growth.
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Completely understand. Thanks for telling me about Glassdoor; I had no idea that when they’re pushed, they may simply reveal the name! I am appalled at the veil of privacy on digital platforms. I guess that leaves you with safely posting here if you feel comfortable and or, talking seriously w your friend about their place at that company and help them find another place of work. Then, maybe once they’re out, you can work together to move up the chain in terms of reporting anonymously, but officially.
Thanks! That's a good idea. I will ask my friend to do that. Hopefully gets a new job soon.
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This is a super thoughtful answer and I am glad you said it Victoria!Thank you OP for taking the lead on this and I'd encourage you to think through these questions. With regards to "logistics" on being anon, I will defer to Cadran's response.FWIW, I am on the Elpha team and I have no idea what the identity of anon is! and quite truthfully I don't need to know :) The anon function exists for a reason :)
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Hi anon - thanks for asking. Anonymous posts are under the hood tied to your user account. But we never reveal who authors an anonymous post and we’re very careful about who has access to that information (just me at the moment and I don’t look).Hope that helps.
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@cadran, This is a powerful statement about ELPHA's stance on privacy. Thank you for building this into the platform.
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I love the anon function on Elpha!
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Thank you for communicating clearly on this. It's refreshing :) A "hidden name" or "pseudonym" would be a more accurate term, though. And thank you so much for Elpha. Took me awhile to find my people.
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Yes good point – I will think about this more. Thanks for bringing it up! Right now we say "anonymous" because I think it's the easiest to understand in a single word what happens if you check the box. If you click the question mark next to the anon checkbox though, we explain what anonymous means on Elpha though.