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Has anyone started traveling again??

HannahBaldovino's profile thumbnail
YUP! NEVER EVER EVER EVER want to go back into an office :) LOL!
cassiemckenna's profile thumbnail
Me too! Well, at least I want office attendance to be fully optional. I think people are much happier and healthier when they are able to work from wherever they want.
HannahBaldovino's profile thumbnail
Agreed! The option would be ideal.
iynna's profile thumbnail
Nope not travelling anytime soon. I have realised that the thing I am most scared about is not getting COVID but it's the aftermath effects! I heard horror stories!If you do go back to traveling, I hope you stay safe!
cassiemckenna's profile thumbnail
Thank you!
SarahDulat's profile thumbnail
Since I'm remote indefinitely at this point, I'm thinking of putting my stuff in storage and trying the responsible digital nomad thing by staying in places for months at a time. This is also assuming I have the vaccine. Is this really a responsible thing to do? Maybe not today but hoping in a few months maybe?
cassiemckenna's profile thumbnail
Hi Sarah, I think a lot of folks are in a similar position to you. Digital nomadism was already increasing before the pandemic and will make a return - it's just a question of when. I think internationally it will take a while to return to pre-covid levels, but the recovery will still be much faster than 'regular tourism' since the effort required to cross borders will only be worth it if you're staying longer. Domestically, digital nomads are already "escaping" to remote areas or warm climates like Hawaii where safe, outdoor interaction is possible.Regarding the vaccine, having it would make it much less likely that you would get sick, but I think the more important factors are (1) whether you are taking all precautions to ensure you don't have covid prior to travel, since being vaccinated doesn't mean you can't spread the virus and (2) whether you're net helping or hurting the places you travel to. If the destination's medical system is under strain, or you're likely to come into contact with vulnerable populations, or you're leaving in the middle of a local spike, then obviously it's not worth it. But if you are keeping largely to yourself/your household group, and being sensible and respectful, then I think it's great to support these destinations and businesses, many of which are seriously economically hurting.
PetraMillarova's profile thumbnail
I live in Canada, my whole family is in Europe. Havenโ€™t seen them in a year and a half now and it doesnโ€™t look like I will be able to in the near future. We try to travel domestically more, especially in the summer when itโ€™s possible to just take a tent and go camping. This is of course when thereโ€™s no lockdown, weโ€™re currently leaving the house for essential reasons only. I canโ€™t see us taking flights anywhere any time soon though.
I have moved to Barbados. No idea when Iโ€™m moving back to the East Coast. It is wild, exhilarating, and an opportunity to explore a new country and its beauty while working.
lita81gr's profile thumbnail
I had traveled so much on 2019, staying put for so long has been painful, but I donโ€™t want to be a part of the problem with this pandemic. I live in Seattle, my family is in Peru, and my best friends in Florida, so itโ€™s definitely been a lonely year. I hope maybe once vaccines roll out I can go somewhere, but for now itโ€™s not like thereโ€™s anything to do as a visitor anywhere else Iโ€™d like to go to. About working remotely, I love it, and ideally I would love to become a digital nomad, but in my industry Iโ€™m not allowed to take the computer outside of the US, and I also have 2 cats who force me to take permanent residence somewhere ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ
graceyoung's profile thumbnail
My boyfriend and I did a short getaway to a random Airbnb in upstate NY (we live in NYC) but it was soooo expensive for what it was. Those types of Airbnbs are getting super coveted and therefore expensive, and car rentals are hundreds of dollars per day.
cassiemckenna's profile thumbnail
omg same! We booked Hunter Green House in Tannersville NY, super expensive but we just wanted to get out of the city. Our solution to this has been to buy a place upstate and do it up.I'm actually very interested in opportunities to collectively purchase upstate land / places within a few hours of NYC and to build it out as a camp ground or a place for rentable tiny homes...
graceyoung's profile thumbnail
Wow the photo you posted is a beautiful space! Love the high ceilings. Is it the one you rented? I donโ€™t know if I want to be away from the city for more than a week or two though - too much of a city girl!
maggiewolff's profile thumbnail
I work in travel tech (not AirBnB) and while traditional travel is still down significantly, private home rentals were actually higher year over year. I also heard that it's impossible to get an RV these days.
graceyoung's profile thumbnail
Not surprised at all - I would have guessed the same!! People are cooped up and want somewhere to go; and my friends are doing tons of mini-trips.
daniellemassell's profile thumbnail
YES! I've been traveling this entire time :) I am an extreme traveler, been to 97 countries to date and always ensure I stay safe :) I also have a travel company and have a "Pandemic Proof" spray that kills all viral and bacterial syndromes on contact - keeping me safe and well this entire time! As a kindness act, we will be gifting a spray bottle for every flight purchase made on our site (will launch in 4-6 weeks!), because I think it is more important now than ever before for everyone to reconnect and experience the world without fear again - I'm heading to experience the last 3 countries to hit my goal, to experience 100 countries by the age of 36 :) If anyone wants to visit Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao with me, reach out!!!
cassiemckenna's profile thumbnail
What a coincidence! The photo I posted to start this thread is literally of me in Curacao!
maggiewolff's profile thumbnail
The only "travel" I've done was rent a vacation home a couple of hours away. It was remote and had both an indoor and outdoor hot tub. And snowy walking trails. Debating doing another remote home rental in the summer, something on or near a lake. I work in travel tech and while traditional travel (flights/hotels) is still down significantly, home rentals were actually up year over year. Personally, I don't plan on getting on a plane until new daily cases is 0 or close to it. As for where I work, I actually prefer to be in an office, my condo is small and it's nice to be around people and I have an easy commute. But I'd prefer complete flexibility over when I come to the office and when I work from home. (Or the option to go completely remote if I move somewhere we don't have an office.)
cassiemckenna's profile thumbnail
thanks for that insight - so interesting about outdoor vacation homes. I've actually been hearing a lot of chatter among friends that they want to start investing in that kind of property - we'll see where it takes us!
KQ's profile thumbnail
I became a nomad! Traveling the US currently.
mkotenko's profile thumbnail
Currently in Turkey. Catching the sunlight and spring vibes :)I was a digital nomad before the pandemic. And I should stop my travellings for a while but from August 2020 decided back on the road.