Career Advice - Feeling Stuck

Hi Fellow Ephas,

I wanted to reach out to see what resources / mentors are available.

For context : I am working as a Senior SWE with about 4 yrs of work experience. My bonus was recently impacted citing to Performance reasons. Now, I would agree that there was scope for improvemnet but I don't think it was all my mistake. But I felt very underconfident fighting my case.

On top of that, all my ongoing interviews are cancelled due to current tech. conditions. So, I am left with no choice but to continue in my current position. I am looking for ways to not let this demotivate me and prove myself at current workplace.


Hi Chinmayee - sorry to hear about your review. If you’re able to reframe the review in your head and think of it as an opportunity to get better at your craft and be a better team member, then the feedback could potentially be really helpful!If you’d like to share the feedback you received in this thread, I can share more thoughts. But yea, in general my first reaction to feedback is anger at the person, then feeling like I suck, and finally recognizing how and why the person said what they said and how the feedback might be useful.It might take some time to start feeling like feedback is a gift, but ultimately finding this perspective will likely be the most helpful to you.And on the plus side to having to stay at the job - this gives you an opportunity to build the muscle of facing problems head on!
Sorry to hear about you feeling like you are stuck! Do you have a mentor in or outside of work who can help you with progressing at your current company (or looking externally)? Since you're a SWE, I'd also recommend to look for engineering mentors, for free!
I recently started using it, the fact that they are able to offer it for free is pretty impressive!
Ah Chinmayee, I'm sorry your bonus was cut. That is disheartening and it's definitely an undermining feeling.Why do you feel under-confident fighting your case? Is it for external reasons at the company? Are there ways you could improve at the current company?With 4 years of experience, especially since you're a senior engineer, you'll be okay! There will be interviews and there will be offers. I'm certain you won't be left with no choice. This is a low moment but it is most definitely a temporary one. (I'm a coach for women in tech and previously, an engineering manager. When we had layoffs this year every single senior engineer that wanted to be employed again got jobs and most likely, pay raises. I hope that's reassuring!)
Hi @Florine218If you want to chat through how to prove yourself at work and/or how to potentially discuss this case with your manager, let me know and I'd be happy to help you navigate that. I can understand why it feels like a lot to handle and take in, but also feels worthwhile for you to review and speak up if something wasn't right. I agree you'd want to navigate this carefully.In general, the key to pursuing and achieving career growth is reflecting on where you’re at, clarifying where you want to go, coming up with a variety of ideas for how to get there, and then creating small goals each month to pursue those next steps (and pivot accordingly as you learn where you should adjust). Typically I recommend doing a little bit of each of these activities each month for career development even if you’re not in job search mode: research, networking, skill development, and reflection. Balance your effort between driving your success in your current role/company, pursuing your own professional development (clarify your path, network, and advance skills towards your goal, independently of your current role/org), and taking care of yourself holistically. I'd also consider ensuring you have explicit conversations w/ your manager if you're focused on moving up in the ladder at your current organization and ensuring that together, you outline what's next for you and what they need to see from you and by when; get them to partner with you in your growth.If you want to learn more, I’m linking a blog article on what to do each month for career development here - PS, I’m Rachel, a Career Coach. I’d be happy to discuss this further if you want to hop on a call -- check my profile for how to book time with me. I’m here to help! Talk soon!