Leaving a new job before probation ends

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If you have a chance to leave then do so. Unless you have a contract forcing you to stay there’s no need to tough it out. Everyone goes through different experiences and there’s always reasons to leave when it’s so soon, I don’t think people look at these jumps the same way they did in the past. If you get asked about why the sudden move you can be honest and say the project went into a different direction from what you originally signed up for 🤷🏻‍♀️
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I agree with @lita81gr - especially in the early days of your career it's entirely understandable that you might need to shift if somewhere isn't right for you. As you gain experience you learn what you value and how to look out for it, but sounds to me like you've got a good head on your shoulders and will be wasted staying in this role! Best of luck with the next role! X
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I left a job six weeks in because it wasn't right for me and it didn't align with my values, because five years into my career I don't think sticking around is worth it. If it's exhausting now, it won't get any better (in my opinion) and I wish I had left jobs sooner at the start of my career. There will always be a way to spin your short-term roles, but if you' confidence gets knocked that's much harder to rebuild.
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I also left a job 5 weeks in for the same reasons! I was able to leave respectfully and honestly about how it was best for us to part ways because it was clear that this was not a good match and probably more effort to try to make it work when inevitably neither of us were happy with the circumstance. I have only received positive affirmation of my decision to make a move that is best for me. You begin to realize how much agency you have over your choices and ultimately will end up in a much better position because you see yourself as someone who won't tolerate mistreatment or circumstances that don't align to your values. Without knowing the full details of the situation, if your gut is telling you to do it, I say take the leap.
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I think this year in particular, it's totally fine to have short tenure somewhere as long as you can talk to why. No harm in putting feelers out there before quitting, you'll quickly see what the response is to your situation. Referrals would help as they can give the recruiter or hiring manager a heads up about this yellow flag.Probation goes two ways and this is exactly why!