Mother of a 15 month old would love advice on working out my next career steps!

Congrats on the offer! Candidly, it's hard to advise without more information on what YOU want to do, but here are a few guiding questions:1. What do you gain by partnering with the production company that you don't get from freelancing?2. Are you actually open to full-time work right now? If not, that's one option down!3. What do you value most: flexibility, title, salary, something else entirely? Each option seems to optimize for a different value.
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It seems like they are giving you a lot of flexibility in the partnership, which is great but also forces you to really think about what your priorities are. From your post it sounds like you are enjoying the flexible part time schedule you have from freelancing, so I would definitely address that in whatever agreement you enter into. With any job offer you should be sure that you are clear on what the role and responsibilities actually entail, especially since this is so open ended and it sounds like they are expecting you to take on and provide direction in many parts of the business. You also mentioned going full time once your daughter is two, but if you are thinking of expanding your family anymore it may impact your timeline and desire to make a full time commitment. Since you mentioned profit sharing I think it is completely fair to ask for so numbers to have an idea of how profitable they currently are. Not much advice because this is a really personal decision for you, but some things to consider!
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If freelancing has been going really well, why stop? I am a single (widowed) mom and started freelancing since my daughter was about 15 months (she's five now, I'm actually more consultant than freelancer now). Even at the very beginning, I was making an hourly rate far above what I would have as an employee, and as my business became more established I was making more working part time than I would have working full time in-house. I've had bazillions of job offers, and I politely decline.