Seeking feedback on my MVP for ECommerce Widget for Product Transparency

Hi elphas!I would be so grateful for any connections to brands/companies in health & wellness consumer products, personal care, cosmetic, beauty, green cleaning products, herbal vitamins industries. If you product has ingredients, we want to talk to you! This would be a 15 min chat. Just want to hear your pain points on how you are currently third party testing, applying for certifications, and your process for product validation. Also, if you are a shopper and are interested in finding out about tools on how you can identify transparent brands more easily, I would love to send you a 5 min survey! Thank you!!!
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@allak, I shop quite a bit, though not avid, I can respond to your survey as am definitely interested in identifying transparency in brands, helps a lot actually. So please feel free to send it.
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Hello Sambhavi! thank you so much for replying back. I will share it with you once ready. Thank you so much!
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Yeah sure Alla, glad to be of help.