Thasunda Brown Duckett will become the second Black female CEO currently in the Fortune 500

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This is really exciting. I think she is absolutely incredible. Have you read her interview in the NYT Corner Office series?"When I was named C.E.O. of Auto, within the first 90 days I went to the mail room, and I told them, “Keep doing your job with excellence. If you don’t put that payment in the right chute, and it accidentally goes to mortgage, then the customer doesn’t post on time, they’re upset, and they end up closing their account with us. But you started that process. So when you hear me talk about our customer experience having improved, brush your shoulders off.”
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Omg no but this has been added to my weekend read, thanks so much @jaynadevani! Honestly, I had never heard of her before, so I am excited to "get to know her" and really happy for her successes!