Glad to gather women in tech in LatAm!

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Great initiative, Julia! We needed a space to gather Latam professionals.I'm part of Global Founders Capital investment team, also based in São Paulo, but in the process of transitioning to a startup. Always happy to discuss all things tech, and my main interests are product, growth, marketing and sales. During this quarantine, I'm studying SQL and trying to create a vegetable garden in my small apartment.Personal interests are yoga and literature (been more into sci-fi, latin american novels, feminism and philosophy lately).
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Happy to see that more women of Latam are joining this amazing community. My name is Anais, I am Peruvian, work in Fintech and am currently based in Berlin. During this quarantine, I am using this time to work on a fintech idea for Latam with a couple of ex coworkers and also started learning python.Reach out to geek out about fintech, developing markets, baking recipes and meeting people on the internet :)
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Hi Julia, I’m excited to see a LATAM group here as well!I’m Julia, I’m based in Madrid, Spain and I work with Finnovista - empowering the fintech and Insurtech ecosystem in LATAM and Spain, we have a huge presence in Mexico and other LATAM countries. I personally work on corporate-fintech partnerships and pilot programs, as well as developing innovation strategies and business development for financial institutions. I’d love to keep in touch!