Had to make this app: GoodByEmail, privacy-first email declutter

Hi everyone!

You know the feeling of facing an issue and thinking, 'Why isn't there a solution for this?' My multiple chaotic inboxes 😫 pushed me to that point. So, I made GoodByEmail, born out of personal need. Also had to build it because I couldn't find a private way to declutter my inboxes (I'd never share my access tokens with anyone). It just launched on Product Hunt this week.

If your inbox feels chaotic, perhaps this could help.

Always open to insights from this amazing community! 🚀📧

This is amazing, Pat! I love that you decided to take matters in your hands. Have you heard of Leave Me Alone or unroll me? I think these are pretty similar to your solutions!
Hi iynna, Thanks so much for the kind words! Yes, I'm familiar with both Leave Me Alone and Unroll Me. Unroll Me has its way of keeping their service free (selling user data), and while Leave Me Alone leans on their privacy promise, I built GoodByEmail with a particular mindset. Our users don't really have to "trust" us per se, since, by design, we never get a glimpse of their data - never uploaded to our servers -. And yes, no need for logins or OAuth tokens, plus the app can even be used offline.Just to touch on functionality: Many tools focus primarily on unsubscribing, which is great for stopping future clutter but doesn't necessarily help with the heaps of past emails already in our inbox, often not from mailing list senders. That's where GoodByEmail brings something new to the table with its inbox analytics - users can know exactly who are the biggest inbox space offenders. Oh, and of course, unsubscribing is in there too.Really appreciate your interest and the conversation!
That's super neat! I didn't realise the piece on user data etc. so I am glad you're tackling this! And agreed these are mostly focused on unsubscribing which in turn helps with decluttering!