My dad decided to retire early at 58. He did a bit of consulting and helped out some younger leaders, but mostly, he ended up with too much free time and not much to do. Obviously, he ended up watching a lot of TV, which really wore him down mentally and physically, and he didn't get out much to socialize either. Seeing this, I attempted to assist him in finding a full-time job, and here's what I learned from the experience: Ageism is a genuine issue, clearly present in hiring, promotions, layoffs, and other areas. However, one thing you can manage is how you craft your resume and present yourself – that's something within your power to control.I wrote this article to assist those looking to re-enter the workforce. After interviewing over 15 recruiters I learned that recruiters often detect signs of a candidate's age through subtle hints: an old-fashioned email address, an outdated resume style or wording, and other small details. Here are a few tips not to be overlooked.

Ageism is real! It's funny you bring that up now because we recently published an Elpha resource! unfortunate that we are connecting just now, we could have included your insights. Next time maybe :)
Hi @iynna I've researched the job search for over a year as part of my MBA project and have many more resources I can share. Can we connect?