Leveling the playing field between Coporate America & Small Minority-Owned Businesses

“The growth and success of companies that strive for a better world, is how we shape a better world.” (B Lab, 2022)

MISSION Just Corpz™ revolutionizes the ability to conveniently access products and services exclusively from businesses that are committed to positive social and environmental impacts.

WHY Thousands of businesses across the US are owned and operated by women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ members that are socially and environmentally driven yet still go left unnoticed and underutilized. They lack the social visibility and capitol to compete with big brands.

HOW The only way to weaken the financial grip of large companies, is to provide these underutilized companies the visibility and convenience to match the consumer demand.

As our final website is being built, my wife and I are utilizing our landing page to pilot similar ethical Ecommerce shopping. Again, all products featured have come from companies that are minority-owned and committed to making positive social impacts.

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