Career Shift Help and Questions!

Hi there!

I'm thinking of switching careers and moving from special education to tech. Although I love my job, I've come to realize that it's not sustainable in the long-term and conducive for building a family in the future (special education & burnout is a real thing!). However, switching fields brings a lot of insecurity. I have several friends who work in Tech and find it very interesting. I want to work with adults and I want to work in an environment that promotes upward growth. Since my first year of teaching I thought it wasn't going to be for me, but I love my workplace and I love the cause and mission we do. This year, I realized although I may love those aspects, I'm not passionate about what I do and staying to please others around me won't benefit myself or the success of the program. Anyways, my switch would be in August as I have a contract to fulfill. I wanted to take this time to get advice and information on what are good opportunities and skills an educator can transfer into tech. Any advice would be Much appreciated. Thanks!

Not quite the same career pivot but still sth in tech @michellecarrizosa is discussing her own pivot at some event maybe you two can connect ahead of time
There are always transferable skills that you can bring into a career pivot. There is room for people moving from teaching into tech. Roles like Customers Success, Operations, and others that can be relevant to your interests. You can start the transition by learning about the differences in company cultures at startups of different sizes, as well as exploring companies in different fields, like healthtech or edtech. You can use Anglelist as a starting place to explore companies. Happy to have a conversation with you to support your transition into tech, feel free to DM me.
A couple of things come to mind that would directly use your teaching skillset: providing technical training, and creating educational games or apps. I'd be happy to share my self-taught coder journey if you want to DM me.
DM me! Would love to talk about opportunities at my current company & making the shift to the tech world. is our jobs page, but make sure to let me know if you’re interested before applying so I can refer you!
Hi there! I'm an executive coach for women in tech; if it would be helpful to talk I'd be happy to offer a complimentary session. My website is if you would like more info on my work or to make an appointment. Wishing you the best of luck with your transition!