Your favorite product management podcasts?

Hello Elphas,Do you have any favorite product management podcasts you listen to? I am always looking for good and varied conversations that could enhance my perspective and practice.These are my favorites: 1. Masters of scale by Reed Hoffman. Founders are the original PMs in most organizations. Listening to them talk about ideas and execution is always inspiring. Slightly similar to How I Built This, but with more probing questions. 2. Inside Netflix.3. Product to Product.4. Acquired. It’s a VC podcast but they also discuss PM -relevant topics. My favorite recent episodes are about Shopify and Super Human.5. The Product Podcast.6. Venture Stories. They are big on KPI discussions and I like that.7. I have to mention Tech Meme, Ride Home. I find it indispensable to stay on top of tech news (since I have stopped using social media at the beginning of the year)8. A16Z. Also great insights. My favorite recent episodes were on marketplaces, emojis, and podcasts.9. Hidden Minds and Freakonomics from NPR are two perennial favorites that help me stay up to date on psychology and behavioral economics concepts. Share your favorites!#product
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I have been recently listening to one called Coaching for Leaders. While the podcast is more on leadership rather than product, I find their content very useful as a PM.
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I like it! I see that it has so many relevant topics for different phases of one's career. "Craft a Career to Fit Your Strengths" is now on my playlist for tomorrow's commute. Thank you for the recommendation!