Chicago Elpha Coffee Meetup ☕️

Hi all Chicago Elpha ladies! My name is Vy Truong and I am currently working on my own startup Gemtic - a curated and personalized fashion marketplace for everything petite. I am from NYC but I will be in Chicago from 10/31 to 11/05 for a business trip. I’d love to grab coffee with some of you if you have some free time during my stay in Chi Town. Please feel free to comment in this post or DM me if you wanna keep it private. Many thanks and look forward to connecting soon! 🤗
I'm available for coffee! Planning to move to NYC in the near future. I work in the West Loop during the week.
Hey @hollielu thanks for the reply. I messaged you - please check your DM!
Wish I could meet but I work in the suburbs. I'm also planning a move to NYC. What are the odds two people named Hollie want to move to NY. Must be in the universe to chat with you lol!!
@holliew Too bad you can't make it to the coffee meetup we are having this Monday in West Loop. I am glad you reached out and please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about NYC. It's the best city in the US in my personal opinion.
@vy I l know I wish I could go to the meetup. Happy Hour meetups are easier for me. Yes I will most definitely reach out to you about NYC, thanks again. NYC has a special place in my heart so I agree with you.