Are there any in-between jobs?

I have 2.5 years in the technical industry but am not a coder, manager or engineer. I am getting demotivated trying to find ANY job!

I am sorry to hear! What are your skills/ what were your functions? Can you freelance on like Upwork? Or maybe pick up the equivalent of an internship/freelance/contractor? What's been the hardest part: finding actual roles/positions? Or getting to the interview stage (being invited)? And now that you're trying to cast a wider net: can you tell us more what these roles you're looking for might be? Let's see how we can help you!
I graduated with a Marketing degree in 2020 so finding a job was difficult. I ended up at a tech company in an "admin" role but it was very specialized in the donor/charity world, so trying to find an equivalent job is proving difficult. Basically at this point I can do a variety of "stuff" but am not specialized in anything. There are no entry level marketing jobs, all I see are marketing managers. I feel like I'm starting over and have to start applying for admin positions again. I guess I'm having troubles finding roles/positions and with the resumes I've sent out, any interviews.