Sales Leaders - How to get into consulting and advisory work?

I've been in the tech SaaS space for about 8 years now and have worked my way into a director role at a very well known, hyper growth tech company. I have gained quite a bit of experience and knowledge when it comes to scaling successful outbound sales teams and would love to get into some consulting/advisory work on the side as 1) I truly enjoy working with earlier stage companies to help build out their teams/processes/playbook 2) I want to build out my personal brand more.

Many of my male counterparts in this space are so good at building their brand on LinkedIn, publishing content, speaking on different talks, podcasts, etc in an effort to get consulting/advisory work but I'm personally not comfortable putting content out everyday on LinkedIn to do that. Wondering if there's another way I can get into consulting/advisory work and if anyone had advice on how to get started?