Blog contents planning Resources?

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Hi! If you're just starting out, WordPress itself has a bunch of tutorials and exercises to provide ideas. Content will depend on what your blog is about.
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Thanks Rebecca.What I am looking for is a guide or template to plan, organise, schedule and focus contents for blog posts well in advance.Like planning for a quarter or the whole year. I already know what my contents will be just planning and organising them over a period and wondering if there are some resources out there to help.Thanks.
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Hiya Rafiat, I love your hosting site, awesome work. I am not sure but perhaps this presentation by Charlotte at WordCamp KLA 2019 might be what you need. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the PDF version of her talk:
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Thanks Mary. I will have a look.
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I found it !Comprehensive information on planning your contents (social media/blog) with useful resources and templates.