Executive Assistant with Background in Content Marketing & Operations - based in San Francisco

Hello All!I’m an Executive Assistant with a background in content marketing and operations/office management looking for an opportunity to support a kick-ass woman exec!I have a wealth of experience: from complex calendar coordination for busy execs, to email inbox management (filtering, responding, and coordinating), to running a company blog, to event planning (offsites, happy hours, holiday parties, etc.), to developing organizational systems to keep execs on-track, and much more. I currently do part-time content marketing consulting for an LA-based fashion startup while I search for the right fit.In conclusion, I play well with others, always love a good writing project, and welcome opportunities to be involved in employee morale initiatives! If you feel I’d be a good fit for you or someone you know, I'd love to connect!Best, Aimee
Hi Aimee!@KimDiVine was recently hiring an inter or possibly an ops person - seems like you could fit for the latter?
Hi @iynna, Thanks for sharing this!
You got it, good luck!
Hello Aimee! My apologies for only just seeing this. I so appreciate everyone sharing the info about my brand Loveable. I really loved reading about your talents and getting a vibe for your personality as well. I did hire for these positions but being we are a new brand and startup things can change rather quickly. I’d love to keep your info on hand if there is a need in the near future. Finding the right fit can take sometime. Can you send me a message at [email protected]. Thanks so much and now that we’ve launched you can learn more about us at All the best! - Kim And thank you @iynna for connecting us! 👌🏼
Whoohoo love to see this! I am happy to hear you were able to fill the role @KimDiVine and in case you have friends looking :)
Hi @KimDiVine, thanks for your response, and I'm excited to connect!
Hi Aimee, are you still looking (I know it's been a little while) @AshleyRamirez is looking
Thank you so much for sharing this!