Has anyone tried FindKeep.Love for list building?https://www.findkeep.love/

Hi Elpha Wellness Brand Marketing Community -I work at a young startup and one of our main priorities right now is list building. We're considering trying out FindKeep.Love and were wondering if anyone has tried sponsoring one of their sweepstakes?Essentially, did you feel it was worth it?If you opt to rely on their augmented list (instead of sending to your own), what I'm wondering is where are the emails coming from?Any feedback would be very helpful, thanks! Or if you've used something else and loved it, too!
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never tried it, but we have a lot of success doing collab giveaways with other brands who are non-competitors but prob have similar customer demos. we often get great list growth from those!
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Thanks @kristineberth! Do you work with a company that organizes them or you organize yourself? I'd love recommendations if you have any.
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I've heard folks used DojoMojo but with mixed results!
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def mixed results on DojoMojo. I prefer to collab with a brand and use ShortStack so people get bonus entries for referring friends.
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Hi, I know this post is a few years back but did you ever end up going with Findkeep.love? I am looking at it, it's very expensive but I'm wondering if I should invest in a test. Did you try it?