Connecting non-tech founders with technical people

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Hey Karen! Thanks for sharing this! Letting you know I've consolidated your two posts since they're directed towards the same page!
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Awesome, if I'm not a tech founder, can I sign up?
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Hey Karen, I love this! How has it been going? I've got a few clients who need technical people on their team and would like to refer them. I'd love to hear how it's been going since your post on 10/28. BTW, Glou looks interesting! How's that going and did you find you engineer yet?
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Hey Diane! So sorry about the majorly delayed reply. We have about 20 people in our little group and we chat and just share links to keep each other's spirits up. It's less of a connecting to technical people database right now (although there are a handful), but where solo founders can share tips and resources. Planning on doing another group call to touch base in the new year. Feel free to refer them :)
Hi! Has this initiative gotten any traction? Starting to build technical team and would love to focus on women first, so wanted to leverage Elpha.
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Hey, so we have a small close knit group of non-technical founders. We are all trying different ways to find our technical counter parts and are planning on doing a group call in the new year to touch base and share what's worked/what hasn't since our last call. Feel free to join :)
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Hello KarenGlouBeauty, is this still going on? I just signed up. I’m in search of a technical cofounder. Thanks
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Hey @FariI work as a software engineer with one of the FAANG companies 😉and also I am a co-founder.We often help clients hire and vet technical talent when the time is right because we know how important those first few hires are for startup culture and success.I work with a lot of early founders and have several clients in the very early stages of building their businesses. DM me or email me at if you’d like to chat!