On data-driven empathy and leading a startup through COVID-19, a conversation with Andra Vaduva, founder of HibooFeatured

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Such a fun and cathartic interview! As part of my mission to build and spread empathy across companies and individuals, I'm launching a series of 1-on-1 no-BS conversations called 'Founder to Founder Empathy Talks' where I connect with women founders to talk openly about the realities of being a founder during hashtag#COVID, challenges with building a team, while managing personal life, and love. We need to know we are in this together, sometimes an “I got you, don’t worry” or “I am in this with you” can make all the difference. Want to talk? Let's connect here: https://www.empathyglobal.work/founder-to-founder-empathy-talks Excited to e-meet everyone.