Program Manager (Part-time) for Ascend’s online leadership program - help elevate more women into leadership

I’m excited to announce that we’re hiring a Program Manager (Part-time) for Ascend’s online leadership program. We're growing quickly and this person will help us elevate more women into leadership. The position is part-time w/ potential to be full-time; remote. You’ll own most of the program and marketing operations. You’ll also support our incredible community.We’ve helped participants from companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Box gain confidence, perform better, and move up in their careers. You’ll have the opportunity to shape the program experience to empower many women.Check out details here: share with anyone who may be a good fit. Thank you! 🙏
Congratulations! it is so exciting to be hiring :) On a totally unrelated note, I just DMed you :)
Thanks! Just messaged you back
@shivaniberry- Hi Shivani!! It's inspiring to see the passion you bring to providing the much required guidance to women, as they navigate workplace challenges. I currently run a small size volunteer group, alongside my other regular work, to help Women in Technology, find their soft skill sides. And this really caught my attention.I would love to connect with you and if possible have a 15 minutes informational call with you.Looking forward to connecting and learning more about you, Ascend and the position- Susmitha
Hi @susmitha, Thanks for your interest and note! I'll DM you.
Thank you Shivani! Look forward to the DM.
Hey Shivani! I'm finding this post very late but definitely let me know if Ascend is hiring more part-time program managers this year :) I would love to apply
Hey Shivani, I have gone ahead and applied !:)
Shivani have you found a candidate for this role?