[OFFER] Founders Tech Strategy Bootcamp

Hi everyone!

I’ve been spending lots of time chatting to non-technical founders about their specific pain points when it comes to building their tech product. And I’m really excited to now be piloting my Founders’ Tech Strategy Bootcamp (marketing department still working on catchy name lol).

I personally think needing a tech co-founder or technical background to build a product is BS, and it keeps women and their ideas out of the tech funding fountain. So this is my way of trying to change that.

My background is in software engineering, and since I’ve been freelancing in web development, I’ve been struck by how confusing it can be for people from a non-technical background to navigate the best way to begin building their tech.

My ultimate goal to save non-technical founders time, money and stress when building their tech product.

I am opening up some limited discounted pilot slots in return for feedback and partnership on this, so if you’re a non-technical founder with a clear vision for your product and want impartial technical advice to help you to save time and money when it comes to building it, hit me up - I’d love to chat to you!

Alternatively, if you know anyone who fits this description - please pass on my details, or send them here!

I’m trying to sprinkle a bit of softness in to the technical process. It doesn’t have to be transactional or scary.

It’s my mission to empower non-technical founders in their mission to make the world a better place. I hope to be able to one day claim a small piece of responsibility as a proxy for some amazing solutions 🌍