Looking for Partners to Try Our AI For Hiring Teams/Recruiters to Evaluate Developer Skills - Rankode.ai

Our small team of 5 launched our startup Rankode in January - we were spun out of another AI startup started in 2018. Together we have over 100+ years of AI & startup experience.

Rankode uses AI to evaluate a developer's code using only their GitHub or existing code. No coding tests. This means we can help companies hire days or weeks faster than current solutions.

Our models analyze a developer's code across 6 categories:

Sample volume

Quantity of code submitted.

Original code vs. boilerplate

How much of the submitted code is originally written by the developer?

Syntax use

Is the code fluid and understandable, or is it a mambo-jumbo of sticky and twisty lines of code?

Domain reflection

How much of the concepts and terminology specific to the application domain are reflected in the code?

Solution clarity

To what extent the written code is understandable as a description of the idea of solving a problem?

Modular structure

How well the code’s structure is thought out, designed, and organized on multiple levels?

We are looking for tech companies to partner with and provide our technology to for free.

Why should you consider partnering with us?

  • Early Access to Rankode's powerful AI technology to add capacity, insights, and expertise to your company.
  • Innovate and be on the leading edge of technology using AI to do more with less.
  • High ROI with $0 financial investment. Pay nothing for access to Rankode for 5 years.
  • Give Back to the startup ecosystem & be part of building the future of AI tech for hiring.
  • Show Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion by championing initiatives that produce a more fair and objective hiring process in your company.

All we need from you is:

  • 500 lines of any source code from your developers.
  1. Anonymized.
  2. Without sensitive information.
  3. Annotated: beginner, junior, mid, or senior.

We are a small startup so we are open to all and any ways of collaboration. Additionally, please tell anyone you might know who's interested.

Hi @VickieBrennan this sounds amazing!
Thanks! Yes, as someone who's been hiring for a very long time, I agreed and decided to join them :)As a fractional talent professional, I think you'll understand how this could add to your capacity and knowledge to serve technical clients even better. I'd love to hear about what you're doing and see if there could be a fit.
Hi Vickie, Are you looking for a designer? Here is my portfolio
Hi Renukalakra!Thanks so much for reaching out. We are actually launching our new website next week (fingers crossed) and hired an outside design firm for help. We aren't quite big enough yet to need someone full time but I'll keep your information handy and let you know when that changes.Love your portfolio site <3
Hey @VickieBrennan this is super interesting! I have specialized in placing software engineers in the sexy tech space for 14 years. This is a fantastic tool for tech recruiters. I would love to grasp if this has to be customized per client or if this is something an agency can use as a "one size fits most" solution.
Hi @briannarooney! Thanks so much for your feedback. We have spoken with a lot of agencies and know it's going to be super useful for you. :) We want to give you extra confidence in those engineers you're placing. It's a one-size-fits-most. We are working on our dashboard feature now and expect to launch it soon. If you want to send me your email I can reach out when we launch it. For now, let me know if you'd like a free report so you can see our technology in action.
Hi! I'm not a recruiter / responsible for hiring, but as a software engineer I would love if something like this was available to candidates as well! It would be super helpful for prepping for the job search.
Hi Katherine! Thanks so much for your thoughts from the dev side. Actually, I didn't mention it but this is the other side of what we are doing. We think having a report objectively demonstrating your skill level can be so valuable for developers at all stages of their careers. We've talked to many recruiters who agree if they got a CV that included a Rankode report it would help validate a candidate's skill level. We are launching a new website this week that will allow developers to get a report for themselves for $39. We think there are some main points in a developer's career when this could be super valuable beyond just when applying for jobs but also to demonstrate to managers skill progressions and also as supporting evidence when working towards promotions.