Bandcamp is hiring two experienced software engineers!

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Hi Jennifer, I may be interested. Can you explain what the interview process is like? thank you
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Hello Judy! Thank you for your interest. The hiring team will be reviewing resumes for the next few weeks, sending out take homes to those who meet the qualifications listed in the job posting. They'll get back to candidates within two weeks after getting the take-home, and then will set up an initial interview with our director of feature engineering to discuss the process, answer your questions, and talk about what it's like to work at Bandcamp. After that, there will be 3-4 interviews with our engineering managers. We use structured interviews (asking the same questions for each person. This might feel a bit more formal than other kinds of interviews, but we do this in order to focus on how candidates fulfill the criteria for the position rather than on whether you and the interviewer might like the same bands or type of dessert). Our questions tend to focus on experiences you have had at recent or former workplaces, how you might approach a challenge we’re currently facing. When an offer is made we do a part-time 4 week trial and work out the schedule with the candidate. We offer trials just to those people whom we’re enthusiastic about hiring, to give the person and us time to assess what it’s like to work together. Hope that wasn't tooooo much information! :)
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Hi Jennifer, I would love to talk about your company and how I can be involved in it.
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Hi Dasha, good to meet you. Feel free to email me at, and tell me a bit about what you're up to now, and interested in doing.