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I'm currently working at an expert network where I help private investors (PE/VC) with due diligence by providing them access to specialized subject matter experts. I'm looking to break into venture capital in the near future. I am deeply interested in the startup ecosystem and being apart of it from the funding side. I run a micro-publication called Blazer where I interview really interesting startup founders. My investment thesis is: "Funding startups who make a business out of failures". I studied marketing in college. I'm most interested in early stage firms. Do I need financial modeling experience? Is there any chance that I can land a job at a vc firm?
Hi Nkechi,The fact that you are already in the industry to some degree is a BIG advantage (you have the network, you understand the lingo and just the general ecosystem which is exactly what you want to be a successful investor (yes among other things but these are big)) and clearly you are doing all the work to show your interest so big props! Financial modeling skills are helpful especially at later stage but I find that in early-stage it is not a deal breaker. And yes you can definitely land a job. I got into the industry about 3 years coming as a former founder/operator and before that I was in the public/international space at the UN - so not at all the typical business background.If you need more insights, I shared some thoughts on this thread
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