Do you suffer with Endometriosis?

I've suffered from PCOS since I was 15, and one of my biggest problems was the lack of qualified doctors to help me. I've always got pills as a treatment, and no matter what I tried, I still had annoying symptoms like cramps, lack of period, extended bleeding, weight gain, tiredness, and everything you can imagine.

This whole situation made me go deep into female reproductive health, and today I'm a nurse that works in this area. I'm passionate about the theme, and one of my life missions is to improve women's lives.

That being said, today, I came here to share a super exciting service I found while looking for options for my patients.

As a nurse, I come across many women who suffer from endometriosis. Most of them tell me that they feel disappointed that the doctors only recommend surgery and hormones as a treatment. Another thing they mention is the lack of emotional support during the whole process.

So I started looking for professionals that could help them with a more holistic approach to treat the symptoms (especially the pain) and also offer the science-based support they need to understand endo before opting for surgery.

That's when I came across Elanza Wellness, a platform with multi-disciplinary board-certified professionals that offers not only psychological support but also nutritional, physical therapy, and other models of care.

I've recommended them to some patients and also used their services for my own reproductive matters, and got positively surprised. Their approach was very on the spot for my condition, and other patients who also tried gave me very good feedback about their experiences.

They have an Endometriosis Program that they're starting soon and have a waiting list.

So If you're struggling with endo symptoms, need a different approach before deciding if you'll do the surgery, or isn't sure about your diagnosis, PLEASE TRY ELANZA! They REALLY helped me, and I truly believe it can be the same for you.

Thanks for the rec! Out of curiosity, are you affiliated with Elanza Wellness in any way, or receiving compensation for promoting their services?
Hey there! No, my only relation to them is as a client. As I've mentioned, I have a chronicle reproductive condition and use their service to help me deal with it.