After 18mos of hard work, we're finally on the front page of Product Hunt.

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Thanks for sharing! What a well-written piece. I think there are so many practical pieces of advice here. I especially love that about mood management. Emotional IQ is so underappreciated still. Congrats on your big win! What a happy Friday :)
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Thanks Hannah, really appreciate your checking it out :)
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Jasmine,I’m so glad I happened to be scrolling Elpha tonight and saw your post. Wow! I’m so impressed and grateful for your work. As a Career & Mindset Coach this tool is invaluable. I’ve already downloaded and will share with my clients as I simply serve as a guide. I believe we each have the answers we are seeking but sometime need guides and tools to help us along the way. Yours is absolutely brilliant. Thank you!Kelli
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Thank you @kellianderson! This means a lot. The world needs more real-life coaches like you. Nothing beats in-person, and I'm glad LIFE can be a helpful supplement. Thank you for sharing it with your clients. Would love if you would share with me their feedback, and how we can improve!
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Wow, @jasminechen- what an achievement, on so many levels! P.S. I love the name!
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Thank you @rachelclifton! Really appreciate. It hoped it would go with our space theme :)
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You're so amazing Jasmine! Thank you so much for sharing your journey and how you accomplished your goals as a solo woman founder. This really gives me a lot of hope in what I'm trying to pursue personally in a male-dominated industry. I also really like your mood management tool and how you're utilizing emotions to help your users. Overall great product and thank you again for sharing this post of your journey!
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Thank you @melanietam! I'm glad something about the story could relate and inspire! Keep up the confidence. We can beat the odds!
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Congrats on your launch, @jasminechen ! I just downloaded the app and I LOVE the beautiful illustrations - what a stunner! As a space nerd I LOVE the space themed missions, well done!
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Thank you Lisa! Can't wait to talk more on it soon.