The Mastermind is Born!

Hi Community,

Whether you’re a first-time founder or an experienced one, or thinking of starting your own business, it’s helpful to be surrounded by like-minded individuals to brainstorm with and support each other through challenges and celebrate successes.

I have been looking for such a community where the members meet virtually at regularly scheduled times for a certain timeline. I recall posting about this in our elpha network as well but have not found what I was seeking.

So, as the typical entrepreneur that I am, I decided to create my own program, a Mastermind Program.

Currently, I run the sessions once a month for 6-month and limit the group to only 6-people each round. I also ensure the group of people curated are a good fit for one another based on background, experience, and what they are looking to gain.

If this is something you are also seeking and interested in, apply for the upcoming cohort

As mentioned, space is limited to just 6 people.

Hope to see you in the Mastermind Program.

Make it a Great Day!