I’m excited to be part of this community.

I'm an award winning playwright based in NYC. In addition to plays I’ve written screenplays, essays, and content for fundraising appeals, real estate listings, websites, and newsletters. When it comes to words, less is more. I’m passionate about using simple, well-constructed language to convey complex ideas.

In the past two years I’ve turned my focus toward writing in the content/UX/tech space. I’ve received certification in the Fundamentals of UX Writing and Marketing writing for UX writers with the UX Content Collective and certification in UX/UI, Usability testing with the Nielsen Norman Group. I continue to level up my skills through courses on LinkedIn and I’m currently learning about Google Analytics. I seek a collaborative culture where I can work alongside designers and developers and all stakeholders in coming up with UX solutions and providing strategic language that is concise, helpful, and inclusive. Any advice for how to land a content writing role in the tech world would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!