Honoring Juneteenth

Elpha and I recognize the importance of Juneteenth* this Friday, June 19th.How are you and your company honoring Juneteenth? Please share your events, celebrations, initiatives, or your thoughts and reflections on this year’s Juneteenth.If you’re a Black Elpha and would like to invite others in the community to take actions with you as part of your commemoration, then please share in the comments how you’d like to be supported.I’m honoring the day by taking time out to read Black authors. In particular I’ll continue reading Becoming by Michelle Obama and will start How to Be An Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. I’ll be joining a Juneteenth town hall with other founders to continue to learn about how to build an inclusive company. Lastly, I’m going to take some time to think through how to apply everything I’m learning to Elpha, and I look forward to sharing my concrete plans with the community after reflection.FYI I’m planning to publish this post publicly on Friday with the hope that the comments contain a variety of valuable actions and thoughts that a wider audience should know about.* For those unfamiliar with the history of Juneteenth: Juneteenth or Freedom Day commemorates the ending of slavery in the US. On June 19th, 1865, Union soldiers arrived in Texas to share news that the war was over and all slaves were now free. This was over two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, which became official in 1863. Here is more about the history of Juneteenth.
in honor of Juneteeth, I'm also awarding 3 Black individuals a scholarship to take my online course, How to Make an App for free! Deadline to apply is June 22nd at 11:59pm EST! Here’s the link to apply: details about my course can be found at:
My company did not recognise Juneteenth. However I honored it by speaking in @ramonashaw podcast on how leaders can tackle racism in the workplace and I will be making a Cameroonian dish in honor of my family in Cameroon 🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲
It was so great to have you on, especially on this very special and important day! And gosh, I would have loved to see and taste that dinner 😀
I'll be joining digitalundivided's virtual summit: Undivided We Rise."The undivided We Rise virtual summit brings thought leaders and influential voices together to bring awareness to digitalundivided’s vision of a world where all Black & Latinx women own their work."
The movie Miss Juneteenth also comes out this Friday and I will definitely be supporting it. You can read more about it here:, a great read on intersectionality would be Women, Race, & Class by Angela Davis
Just bought that book, and thanks for sharing the movie!
Me too. Thank you for the recs!
This year, HellaCreative has put an emphasis on a 7 day celebration + companies acknowledging Juneteenth with a paid holiday. Over 100 companies have made the commitment including Twitter, VSCO, and Square. There’s info within the link below on how to get people onboard.
Thursday night I'm planning on having a call/petition party with at least myself and my partner. I've been bookmarking all the posts about who to call and email throughout the week and going to finally dig into them. Friday there is a big march happening in central Seattle that we'll be trying to get to - I'm very curious to see how momentum has kept up in this city and how many people turn out for the event. I believe this group is running the march, and they have their specific demands listed on their homepage.
In observation of Juneteenth, Webflow is asking all team members to block 3 hours tomorrow for conscious education and reflection. They’ve put together several “tracks” of resources, content and educational material that team members can follow during that time, linked here: free to share in case you/your teams want to take a similar approach!
This is an excellent document!! I will be looking at this today! And also sharing on my company network/Facebook network
Also I have been listening to the book “So you want to talk about Race” by Ijeoma Oluo. I plan to continue listening to it today.
My employer doesn't recognize Juneteenth as a holiday currently, so I'm working today and donating my day's salary to two organizations: Assata's Daughters and my local bail fund. I've shared this intention as a challenge to other white folks on Twitter and in my work Slack.I see a lot of white folks using this as a day to learn and reflect and encourage us to do that AND to make donations or act in other ways. Juneteenth is meant to be celebratory and, as those who have benefitted from and upheld white supremacy, I feel that we need to do more.
I know I'm a bit late in posting here, but I celebrated Juneteenth by setting up a donation matching campaign to COOP Careers, which promotes the upward mobility of Black, LatinX, and first generation college graduates through their program which helps to launch careers in digital marketing & analytics. Donate here to get up to $5K matched!