Women in Software Engineering, I need your help!!!

Hello All! Happy New Year!

My name is Maddie and I am a masters student at MIT and I am completing a masters thesis about the unique challenges faced by women in software engineering roles, which requires your insight!For this survey I am looking specifically for participation from those who identify as women and are current software engineers, previous software engineers, and anyone who directly manages software engineers.

If you (or anyone in your network) falls into one of these categories please share or access the survey at the following link:

I am short a handful of responses for a meaningful analysis, so any help distributing this would be monumental. If you'd like to be updated with the outputs of my thesis, please DM your email address and I will be sure to follow up!

Thank you, all!

Hey Maddie! I added the 'software engineering' tag so hopefully this will help reach more engineering elphas :)
Hi Maddie- I started filling out your survey but was stuck on the question: Company Information as a Software Engineer (please answer these as of your most recent role where you were programming > 50% of the time).Since I managed SW engineers (and not programming at all), wasn't sure how to answer all the questions.
Ahhh I understand! Have you gone from SWE manager to another role? In that case, I'd answer as when you were a SWE manager. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for reaching out!
Similarly I'm in an architect role. I don't manage and at my level I actually rarely spend as much as 50% of my time coding, though I do read a lot of code and write and think about it. That's fairly common for staff/principal/architect level roles.
Hi Maddie, I filled out your survey some days ago. I hope it helps :)