How to Pitch Angel Investors

Hi, we are looking to raise an angel round - but I don't know how to approach angel investors. There is so much information about talking to institutional VCs- I am not sure how much angel investors need to see about the actual business, VS making a personal connection. Do we send the deck? If anyone has a sample email they used, that would be great to give me a starting point. Thank you.
I'd advise checking out the Google startups campus, they do pitch lunches that give fantastic advice. From one of the advising VCs I was given this template for the 'perfect cold message' to investors: "My name is [...] and I am the CEO / Co-founder of [...]. We are building [...] for [...]. Our process to date is [...]. Team / Founders have the following experience.... We are raising [...] at [...] valuation (and we are eligible for EIS or SEIS)." Then ask for a quick call with them.
Thank you so much. This was so helpful
Hustle fund has a great video that they recently shared about the difference between pitching a VC versus an angel: also write a newsletter interviewing angel investor where I ask their approach if you can find any gems there:
This is great! Thank you